About us

           I first moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1987 and quickly found work doing production assembly for a local water treatment products distributor in Mesa. After about eight years assembling and packaging  water system parts, I took the steps to become a water service technician and soon gained employment with a well known local water filtration business providing water filtration service and solutions for residents and business owners all across the Phoenix Metropolitean area.

        In 2008, I became employed with Clear Choice Water as a Water Service Technician. Over the course of five very exciting and fantastic years, I saw several opportunities to take the business to the next level. I presented the owner with an offer and in 2013 bought the company. One problem I noticed in the industry is the level of distrust between the consumers and the service providers. Third party unverified technicians who do more work than required just so they can increase their revenue. I come from the standpoint of service, sales is something that naturally comes with service  and if you need something repaired, service, or replaced, we will always consult with you on what solutions we have available so that it is always in your best interest.

        If there is anything that my 30+ years of experience in the water service industry, it is the importance of proper maintenance. I have seen systems that are designed to last for years break down in a matter of months due to lack of regular maintenance, proper understanding of how the system works, and quality service jobs. Improper installation on behalf of an uncertified third party service provider can also set a system up for failure. By having a tenured and qualified technician set up your system, you are setting up your system for success, which can save you $100-$10000's on equipment and repair costs. 

     What motivates me to continue to provide personable, high-quality service to each and every customer is the same reason I bought the company; my passion for detail. With each and every service job I not only double and triple check my work, I also ensure that I acquaint each and every customer with the basic workings of their system. I also conduct a monthly follow up to make sure your system is running smoothly. That way you are better prepared in case anything goes wrong and are set up for success. 


         If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns I am always available to reach via email o.esparza@ccwphxaz.com or reach me at my cell (602)789-4148.